Victoria Nova: French Spread

Victoria Nova: French Spread

Busty MILF Victoria Nova from France started doing pro porn scenes in 2022. TSG editor Dave Rosenbaum is impressed by Victoria and wrote, "She has big, fake tits, a tiny waist and a very sexual way about her. She looks like a fuck doll with her long, blond hair, but it's not just looks. She is a fuck doll."

Victoria said that the people who know her well would not be surprised to see her masturbating and fucking porn studs on-camera. Like many women who got into porn later in life, Victoria has a no-holds-barred and no-holes-barred approach to her sex life. Her sexual fantasy is to shoot a gangbang and it's a safe bet that she will.

The leggy blonde keeps slim and fit with pole dance practice, running and cross-fit, and when she goes out on the town, she likes to dance. As for men, Victoria goes for thin, muscular guys with brown hair who are well-equipped to handle her high-octane sex drive.
Featuring: Victoria Nova
Date: July 31st, 2023
Photos: 80

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Member Comments

5 months ago 

This fabulous french sex machine femme gets five stars from me, in these pics, certainly prove that the horny devil is definitely deep inside Victorias body and soul, she may have faux boobs, but at the end of the day its the pussy that really counts, I bet hers is very tight, wet and slippery perfecto for fucking dicks, I really hope she can achieve her goal of doing a gangbang, I am sure she could take on a hundred guys and still have the energy to go on and fuck even more, it's interesting she keeps fit by pole dancing as Pisces is the sign of glamour, dancing, music and promiscuity, I also could imagine her in an orgy along with other sexy girls and virile males, urging them on in their lust for one another would be a thrill. Please bring back french porn star Victoria sometime soon.

11 months ago 

Merci Victoria de t'offrir ainsi! Tu est sublime, ton corps, ton sourire....

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