coming soon: August 2002 Voluptuous

"Via Paxton: she's like Mariah Carey with tits," some punter once wrote us. Which reminded us of a quote by Yogi Berra: "Never answer an anonymous letter." Getting this pictorial ready for ink, we were thinking of favorite stroke scenes from the 1999 Florida-lensed A Day With Via Paxton, one of the two videos Via made (the other being Stacked & Packed, shot in Mexico). Some readers preferred the SCORE-mobile washing scene. Others still whack to the breast-flying workout segment. The "Stood-up" segment is the one re-played here the most. Via's all dolled up and waiting for her date to arrive. The table is set and Via is anxious. Then the phone rings. "Hello Charles...what do you mean you can't come?" says Via. This guy Charles must be the biggest moron who ever lived. Certainly not a V-Mag reader. So Via does what any healthy, extra-large breasted lovely woman must do in this kind of situation. She gets completely naked and reclines on her bed, rubbing herself all over, tit-fucking her boobs with a toy, and then vibrating her clit and pussy lips to dingdom-come.

The letters are starting to come in once again about Via due to this pictorial. "Here's hoping she makes more regular visits to the Score studios," wrote one regular. Which reminds us of another quote by Yogi: "It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future."

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Member Comments

5 years ago 

She's the best..she gets me so hard..I can't stop wacking off!..Bust a nut a few times already in the last few days to her pic sets..cant get enough..I'm hooked!

5 years ago 

Via was one of the super babes in the early days of Scoreland. I always enjoy revisiting with her.

8 years ago 

I want more pictures of this amazing woman

8 years ago 

Agreed, LLH. She deserves a spot in Score's Hall of Fame. Mega-fine. Mega-all-natural body.

9 years ago 

Via Paxton is a Certified goddess. A perfect 10. She is the reason I joined Score over a decade ago.

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Many thanks Scoreland, simply Amazing... Best website ever!


This girl is so amazing never seen bigger tits anywhere and this guy with her makes it seem as if regular guys have a chance to fuck a dreamboat thanks scoreland for this treat!


Great discovery here guys! Once again Score does right by me and my cock.


Im new to scoreland and this chick makes it well worth it! She is fucking smoking hot!!!! Where do you find these models! Gorgeous!!!!!!


Let me tell you every dick looks small between those mammaries. Scoreland, you guys did an awesome job!!


I don't know how you find the redheads you do but I do know that the hottest, sexiest, most beautiful redheads on the planet are on Scoreland. Charley is gorgeous and incredibly fit.


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