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Veronica is definitely a contender for SCORE Newcomer of the Year 2001. If you've been a SCORELANDER since September, you already know that Veronica is one of the recent SCORE discoveries photographed at our spanking new studio. And you already know from our New Discovery section that Veronica gave everyone a pocket rocket the day her digitals pictures went on-line. The emails flooded in. We give our thanks to longtime SCORE pal Greg Anthony, who once hit the clubs of Atlanta with a SCORE lensman for an article on exotic dance joints that was published in the August '96 issue. Greg's a true club hopper in Atlanta and that's where he met Veronica a few months ago. One look at Veronica, and BOING!!!, Greg's fuses shorted out. He talked to Veronica about us, obtained a few test shots, and sent them to us. One look and we had Veronica booked for several days at our studio. Now she's a SCORE and Voluptuous (February '01) biggie with our readers, and Greg has probably dropped his finder's fee on lap dances back in Atlanta. No doubt in a few hours. Good man, Greg. That's putting the dough to good use. Now bring us more titty girls. As for Veronica, she went home with a sizable check after a few days of shooting. Veronica's got some of the prettiest, big, all-natural boobies we've ever seen. She's got a beautiful kisser. Her body is damned near perfect. Her skin is near perfection. Wait a second. She is perfect! Let's go to the stats: 5'8" tall, 140 pounds, 34E cup size, 42-26-36. Veronica works at various clubs in Atlanta. We found her to be a charming young lady and a true headturner. Whether Veronica will continue to do explicit posing, like you see here, in the future, is not a given. Our fearless SCORE editor Mike says that: "Facially, Veronica looks a lot like Tawny Peaks, busty legend of the '90s. Both have captivating eyes and a mischievous look, plus fantastic, saucer shaped areolae."

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Member Comments

6 years ago 

@DavidLee, No. She's American.

6 years ago 

Was this one of those 5 Dominican girls in Island girls?

7 years ago 

What became of this darling?

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Sharon Pink has just joined the ranks of the most beautiful women ever seen in Scoreland. Simply amazing!


This is why I love Scoreland!! Terri Jane is fantastic. Those pendulous, vein engorged, orbs of love are spectacular! Where do you find these women?


Kaytee Carter is an outstanding New Discovery! Her creamy, natural breasts are spectacular. Those blue-green eyes looking over those melons are the perfect introduction to the Scoreland audience. Well done!


I don't know how you find the redheads you do but I do know that the hottest, sexiest, most beautiful redheads on the planet are on Scoreland. Charley is gorgeous and incredibly fit.


Okay gang, I have been away for almost a year, but when I rejoined Scoreland just now, Bebe Cooper is the first model I wanted to see! She is the rock-hardest babe of the century.


Many thanks Scoreland, simply Amazing... Best website ever!


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