The Big Boobs & Bush Sauna

The Big Boobs & Bush Sauna

That towel comes off Vanessa Y. very quickly. The Polish princess gets right down to it in this installment of the Vanessa show. She loves to relax in the sauna and there happened to be room for the SCORE camera. Talk about a lucky break. What's a sauna without a cool-off? Vanessa showers her gorgeous body right after she reaches her boiling point.

It's the second win for Vanessa in the Voluptuous Model of the Year contest (announced in May 2017 Vmag). If Vanessa was shocked last year, she was double-shocked when she found out that readers and members voted her their favorite again. "I couldn't believe it when they told me," Vanessa said. "I would like to thank everyone."

Vanessa is the SCORELAND leader in the number of comments she gets on her pages and they're not just one-liners.

Indianboy comments, "Vanessa, you are an amazing woman. By the way, congratulations for winning Voluptuous Model of the Year. You deserve it."

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Featuring: Vanessa Y.
Date: May 3rd, 2017
Duration: 90

Member Comments

2 years ago 
I agree, Footie Fan !
Vanessa is pure gold ! head to toes.
And another wave is cumming in, a million miles an hour !
Yet another mesmerizing, alluring & fascinating Vanessa Y. .. Cock Fantasy ?!? ..Snow job this next Saturday !
Armed & ready !
"Big cock" in hand and mouth, hairy pussy in sight, amazing natural round boobs and ... legs wide open… ...!!!
Counting the days and hours..
Ooohh, Goddess VANESSA !!
Can t wait to see you handling that ... !
Already fantasizing about what the "Snow Job" might be like ..
Still in trance after your GH Cock Fantasy with those TWO !! Yeah!
2 years ago 
Wow! Vanessa totally nude again, I just love it. SO glad she doesn't feel the need to cover up in any way????
2 years ago 
This scene.. with another busty Goddess, with you Vanessa.. both of you relaxing in the sauna, and playing with each other, girl on girl action, strapon sex .. would be just WOW !!
.. just like the Dream Girls ! a few days ago.. !!
Vanessa & another NATURAL Busty Queen ! PLEASE !!
Maybe with HITOMI ...?? Unleashed in the East !! Japan and Poland… !
It s been awhile Vanessa since your last lesbo action scene .. and you are definitely pretty good & natural & horny at it !!
2 years ago 
Splendid set and shapely body Vanessa!
This Queen of Beauty needs no garments to create a hot as hell, cozy and naughty atmosphere.
No clothing at all, very often.. she is pure fire! just by herself.
You have now a flawless anatomy! but I wouldn t mind seeing you again with some more pounds, at the right places .. like a couple of years ago.. in… the prime of voluptuosity.
Hope to see you here very often, anyways !
2 years ago 
Vanessa makes my day !
Taken a bit by surprise this time !
Back to the sauna with nothing on but her flawless skin! from pic 2!
Looks like she is turning back time, and returning to the "slim & busty" figure she used to have in her first pictorials here.
Stunning natural stacked body, beautiful long black hair, sexy feet! and an amazing… youthful juvenile face !!!
Vanessa looks like she is back again.. in her 20s !! OMG !!
2 years ago 
Wow! I love this woman! So beautiful and sexy!
2 years ago 
It's nice seeing a proper pussy on a buxom beauty! Thanks!
2 years ago 
congratulations vanessa on win love your photos and videos

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