Big Boob Photos » Tunde And Her Carrot Shaped Vibrator

Tunde And Her Carrot Shaped Vibrator

V-Mag readers saw Tunde first in the April 2001 issue and marveled at this prime specimen of all natural Hungarian engineering. Now we've got Tunde back, this time for SCORE. Our Brit lensmen met Tunde on a search for fresh, young boobers in Budapest. One look at Tunde, and their blood pressure went up a few dozen points. Now about that dildo, all they did was ask. Many times in life, a simple question can accomplish the trick. Of course it's got to be the appropriate time, situation and person. We wouldn't ask a female police officer who pulls us over if she would like to try some dildo action. Thank you, Tunde. She's got the goodies to make a nice little career as a bust model, even as she attends university and fends off the male students in her classes.
Featuring: Tunde
Duration: 30
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