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On Her Bed

Not the porn actress Trinity who appeared in the Xtra section of December 2000 SCORE magazine, this Trinity is 18 years old (nuthin' like fresh, young hooters, right?) and lives in San Diego, California, a good source for busty rookies like Daizie Kellogg and others. Must be something in the climate there. Trinity is 5'7" tall, weighs 140 pounds (but doesn't look it) and measures 44-30-38 with a 40FF bra size. Purdy big, pardners. Pretty face, nice smile, a welcoming aura about her. Lovely knockers, not a mark on 'em. Looks delightful in lingerie. Nice, rounded fleshy ass. We have someone here with terrific potential as a Voluptuous model, which is ultimately up to her in the future. Right now, with Trinity done with high school, she's typically undecided about the future. Maybe hit Europe and do that backpack wanderlust thing. Maybe visit Mexico. Or maybe keep posing? She did a pretty good job with that dildo and also the finger insertion. Hey, guess what? Trinity says she's still a…
Featuring: Trinity
Duration: 20
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