Big Boob Photos » October 2002 Voluptuous-red Bra

October 2002 Voluptuous-red Bra

So we asked Taylor Hill about cocks and sex. Notice that we had to reduce the font size...

"There's nothing better than sucking a big cock. I enjoy doing it because I'm very good at it. I like to tease the tip of his penis by tickling the the tip of his head with my tongue. I love to have a man thrust his member down my throat while grabbing the back of my head and shoving it in. After I get it all lubed up, I stroke his cock with one hand and I fondle his balls in the other, still sucking all the while. I always make sure to deep throat. I like it when I get his knob throbbing and pulsating in my mouth. I work his dick, sucking it until I see his head getting ready to explode.

Most guys love to fuck my big tits. I don't think that's why they enjoy it though. I think they love the fact that I can push my tits together and tighten them around their cock. I also think they enjoy watching the head of their dick peek through the top of my titties and poke me in the mouth. I rather…
Featuring: Taylor Hill
Duration: 30
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