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Tatiana Gets Wet

Born June 1, 1983, Tatiana posed for this set and for Russian Bra Busters just nine days after her 18th birthday. A classic story. Our lens team was in St. Petersburg on a boob expedition. They hooked up with an agent who routinely placed ads in the newspaper. Tatiana, in need of rubles for college and a car, read the ad, knew what she packed under her Russki bra and applied for the job. She's 5'4", weighs 130 lbs., and measures 41-28-38. For a rookie, Tatiana needed no coaching whatsoever. She knew exactly what the boys wanted and gave it to them. In Russian Bra Busters, Tatiana stuck that buzzing facial messager up her asshole like she was a veteran vibrator tester for Doc Johnson. And to think that 40 years ago, Nikita Khrushchev said they'd bury us. Now their big breasted granddaughters are fucking their butts for V-Mag in hotel bathrooms. See, it pays not to get hasty with that nuke button.
Featuring: Tatiana
Duration: 30
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