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March 2002 Score

She comes from the land of the ice and snow.

It's been a while since bryster*-girl Tanya of Norway was in SCORE.Here is a woman who doesn't fool around when she fools around. She does nothing half-assed. Hansen's 26 years-old now, starting off as a bikini & lingerie model and stripper when she was 18. Tanya found these two English stunt-rods and didn't have to talk them into stuffing the hell out of her in what could be the wildest, dirtiest SCORE Xtra pictorial yet. Nope, no video of this...dem's da breaks. We asked Tanya how and why she gets her body into these wonderfully creative and unusual fucking positions. "I am very agile and limber," she tells us from Sweden where she lives most of the year. "I have watched many porn videos at home and I have studied the women in them. Much of what I see is so trite, so uninspired and mundane. Any whore can lie on her back or get on her knees and be fucked like a piece of beef. When I fuck, I make the performance of it like ballet!" Back in…
Featuring: Tanya Hansen
Duration: 33
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