Busty MILF of the Month

Tahnee Taylor makes Busty MILF of the Month for the second time.

A super-MILF who overflows her bras to the point of strap-snapping, Tahnee Taylor takes two super-studs and puts them through an intense workout. They're up for the challenge of fucking Miss Taylor's mouth, pussy and butthole, and when their three-way orgy reaches the top of the mountain, or mountains in Tahnee's case, they blow a geyser into her waiting mouth so she can swallow every drop.

"Men always go for my big breasts," said Tahnee. No surprises there. That's the first thing about Tahnee that we zero in on. Here's a mature babe with a blast-furnace sex drive. "The funniest thing a guy ever said to me was, 'Hi, I'm an astronaut and my next mission is to explore Uranus.' Not many guys can say that to a woman and make it funny. I don't know if he recognized me or not.

"I love big dicks. Big dicks go with big tits. I like a guy who's a beast in bed and a gentleman everywhere else. Most of the time, I like a man to…

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Date: December 7th, 2016
Photos: 56

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4 years ago 
Tahnee is one of the best in XXX-business, a perfect slut with her big soft tits, her fleshy snatch and her tight asshole... makes me harder than any other! ;-)

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