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Susan On Her Couch

The blonde mama returns from March ¹99's issue to roast the nuts of plumper lovers in a basic, shot-at-home photo set. Susan Sweet works as an elementary school teacher in California. This is a classic example of how young boys develop a lifelong hard-on for hefty women with huge tits. As Susan talks about the Civil War, these kids are daydreaming about sucking on her milk-engorged boobs instead of counting Abraham Lincoln's nosehairs. She¹s 29 now and weighs a mighty 179 lbs. That alone fulfills any crushing fantasies you full-figured lady lovers may harbor within your souls. She wears a 42 E bra and measures 48-37-38, which today's generation can easily convert to the metric system with their pocket calculators instead of paper and pencil, like our old, dried-up hag teachers made us use. The fathers of Susan's students take great interest in how their kids are being educated by this wonderful woman and attend every PTA meeting they can, often running red lights to assure a…
Featuring: Susan
Duration: 15
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