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Big Tit Anal Trio

When it comes to wall-to-wall, big-tit fucking and sucking, Stephanie Stalls is a wildcat. Even two dudes at the same time have a real sexbomb on their hands. Stephanie's giant jugs and hot throat, pussy and butthole demand action. She has one of the dirtiest mouths in the game and listening to her fuck is just as boner-inspiring as watching her fuck.

Waiting for Stephanie at the bottom of the stairs, Peter and Joe are in for a major workout with this feisty southern charmer. She shows them how flexible her legs and hips are by using the staircase's hand rail as a balance beam. That gives them an idea of how far she can spread her legs for the cock.

"Are you ready for this, boys?" Stephanie teases. She's not the shy type, as we all know very well. "I want one in my pussy and one in my ass." Stephanie loves one-on-one action, but whenever she can get a second man to make it a trio, she's game for it. Keeping one dude busy with her cock-sucker mouth, she keeps the other man busy…
Date: August 25th, 2017
Duration: 60

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1 year ago 
1 year ago 
Steph reminds me of my wife. Two dicks are better than one.
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