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This innocent man, Peter, was only doing his job washing super-busty Stephanie Stalls' car. Now redhaired, bad, bad, Stephanie was on a deck lounger, getting sun and clad only in bikini bottoms. She was chatting on the phone with her girlfriend, making plans for the night. No doubt those plans include finding hung guys to take home to play chess.

Stephanie hangs up and, aware of Peter behind her, begins taking selfies. Hopefully Ms. Stalls is able to get every inch of those heavy sucklers in her pics. Behind her, Peter photobombs her. Stephanie catches him in the reflection of her phone's screen and decides to taunt and tease him by stretching her very flexible legs wide and doing hot stripper moves.

Stephanie is not a torturer of men, at least not intentionally. After she has her fun teasing Peter, she calls him over and hits on him. They get all handsy because Stephanie needs some action before she goes out for the night. Stephanie wants dick but not on the deck so she takes him…
Featuring: Stephanie Stalls and Peter Green
Date: April 28th, 2017
Duration: 90

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