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November 2002 V-mag

The first time we met Sierra, it was Vegas, 1998, at Consumer Electronics Show and Sierra was just starting out, promoting an amateur fuck video she made for a one-man company while she was still living in Atlanta, Georgia. We would bet heavy paper that 95% of the girls who started out at that same time period are long out of the game.

V-mag: Who is the real Sierra?
Sierra: The real Sierra is very shy. I hate talking to people without looking into their eyes. I avoid the phone as much as possible. It makes me nervous. I hate it when people walk up to me and try to talk to me. If I'm trying to have dinner at a restaurant or I'm at a bar and someone tries to talk to me, I won't say much 'cause I'm very shy. Some people think I'm stuck-up 'cause I won't talk to anybody, but it's not like that at all.
V-mag: Are you a tough pickup?
Sierra: Yeah, I am, unless I've already been drinking. Then I'm pretty easy. I'll go after you myself. But I'm a hard girl to…
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