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May 2002 Score

The following is an excerpt from Sharday's interview in May 2002 Voluptuous Magazine. (Sharday won V-Mag Model of the Year 2001 also in a double play.) Look for the full length interview on SCORELAND soon. This pictorial is right on time for spring. Enjoy.

SCORE: What's a sexual fantasy of yours that you haven't experienced yet?
SHARDAY: Well, there's two. But I'm scared of one. I want to have anal sex.
SCORE: And you've never done it?
SHARDAY: No. I'm scared because if the guy's cock is thick, I might get hurt. And the other one is, I want to have sex with a girl and a guy. I've never done it, and I'm really curious to try.
SCORE: What mistakes do you find some men make in bed?
SHARDAY: Coming too quickly! I hate that.
SCORE: Have you had that problem a lot?
SHARDAY: I used to, but not really anymore. Some guys wouldn't even last a minute. Or if after they come, they don't want to do anything else. I wouldn't stay with a…
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