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Selina In The Bedroom

"I don't know what I want to do with my life. I'm not sure what type of career I want to study for. A girlfriend of mine said to me, 'With your body, why don't you try modeling? There must be a lot of magazines that would love to have you.' What kinds of magazines did she mean, I asked her? 'Nasty ones, the kind that men buy to play with themselves over.' I thought, why not? I can't walk down the street without some bloke making comments. Maybe modeling is for me, after all. I seem to have what the lads like. Until I can finish schooling and find a job. Right now, I'm unemployed," says Selina.

Well, Selina came to the right place. We're ready to give this Brit teen tit queen a home and our last breathmint. What say, V-Men?
Featuring: Selina
Duration: 30
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