My Living Busty Doll

The female sex-bots that companies are producing today are getting more and more far out. When JMac gets a big box delivered to his house, he doesn't know what the hell is going on. Maybe it was delivered to the wrong address.

He opens the top half and there "it" is in all "its" glory, a life-like replica of Savannah Stevens, perfect in all details. But is "it" or "she" a replica or something more? He must investigate. He pulls off the packing insulation and checks it out. The face, the big tits and the body look more than just the parts of an excellent mannequin. The skin feels like human skin. Soft. Pliable. Warm.

JMac sees a tag on the back. "Pull here to activate." A tug turns on a digital beeping sound. With a shudder and a deep breath that thrusts "its" bra-covered boobs forward, Savannah Stevens-droid opens "her" eyes and begins to move.

'What are you?" asks an eager JMac. "I feel so much better now" are the words that come out of her mouth. JMac carries her out of the…

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Featuring: Savannah Stevens and J Mac
Date: March 20th, 2019
Duration: 100

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