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Score May 2004

"Oh, Swami Boobananda. I need your help. Please give me your special treatment. I'll pay anything you demand." So pleads Sara Jay to the mysterious holy man, Swami Boobananda. "My child, you need help. I can treat you. I will absorb your negative energy through my palms. Are you ready? The price is $500. No refunds." "Yes, Swami, I'm ready. I can pay. Please help me," begs Sara. "Then let us begin." The Swami feels Sarah up in standing position rubbing his hands all over her body, legs, ass and sticks his fingers in her mouth with extra attention to her boobs. "Oh Swami Boobananda, I feel the rays of health coming from your hands," cries Sara. "Now my child you must bend over and worship this man bag to complete your treatment." He removes his ass turban and pulls Sara's head down to his groin so she can blow him. "Anything you say, Swami," replies Sara.
Featuring: Sara Jay
Duration: 48
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