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July 2003 Voluptuous

V-Mag: How often do you have sex?
Sapphire: Three to four times a week.
V-Mag: What satisfies you best?
Sapphire: Oral sex. Gotta have it.
V-Mag: What part of a man's body do you inspect first?
Sapphire: His upper body, chest and arms.
V-Mag: How does a man attract your attention?
Sapphire: By talking to my face, not my chest.
V-Mag: How do you like to masturbate?
Sapphire: Usually in the tub, a favorite spot.
V-Mag: What was your kinkiest encounter?
Sapphire: I went to a sex party called Lush in San Francisco. Couples were having sex everywhere. Then we went back to a hotel with three other couples and did everything. Girl on girl. Toys. Bondage. I slept for two days afterwards.
V-Mag: Are you into any fetishes?
Sapphire: Sometimes, not a lot, I enjoy being tied-up and restrained.
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