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Holiday 2006 Voluptuous

If you wanna talk about two girls with mammoth fun-pillows, you've got to include these two kissin' cousins, one a Yank, the other a Brit. Shock and awe can't begin to describe their effect on the male nervous system. "This is new to me, not having the biggest tits in the room," Samantha joked. She and Sapphire took to each other like long-lost friends from the start. "I though I was busty," said Sapphire. "Then I met Samantha in the model's dressing room. England sure has busty girls!" It was a first for Sapphire to insert her fingers in the warm and sticky pussy of a girl as stacked as Samantha. After their shoot ended and they went into the models' shower, both of them said the same thing. "Now we really understand why guys love big tits!"
Featuring: Samantha Sanders and Sapphire
Duration: 40
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