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Treasures of Paraguay

"I have two younger sisters, but the strange thing is that neither of them have big breasts like mine," Romina Lopez said in Spanish. "I got my chest from my mother, who has an even bigger pair than me! Perhaps I got them from drinking all that milk!" As Romina matured, her tetas grew and grew and grew. "I started to get a lot of attention on the street. Wherever I would walk, men were left with their mouths open. Some of them shouted if they could use my boobs as their pillows. Others asked if they were made of rubber. And many women just stared at me with envy." This kind of crude, rude treatment often leads chesty girls to do a foolish thing, but Romina was too smart to make that irreversible decision. "A doctor suggested to me that I should have reduction surgery because my breasts were very big and could cause me back problems. But I was afraid of the knife and rejected that diagnosis. Luckily, I didn't do it, and so far I have never suffered any back pain." A wise decision by…
Featuring: Romina Lopez
Date: November 13th, 2008
Duration: 77

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5 years ago 
Romina is so sensual and sexy................
8 years ago 
Allow me to get weird for a moment. I wanna smell "underneath" this womans' breasts. Am I crazy? I wanna smell Paraguay...and how much for a ticket to this place anyway. Nice work ole' Scoro, she's beautiful.

P.S Do you guys still sail on Boobcruises?
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