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Star Interview

Romina Lopez was discovered completely by chance by J.T., a Finnish photographer. The odds of winning the lottery are better. Although he is a sports photographer, J.T. was interested in photographing busty girls, with or without a sports bra. One day in Asunción, Paraguay, a small country nestled north of Argentina, he passed a girl on the street that made him freeze in his tracks. Instead of remaining in a frozen position like 99.9% of the average man and letting the moment pass, he approached this shirt-straining brunette right then and there and chatted her up, then segwayed into the idea of modeling for Voluptuous magazine.

He caught the curvy college student at a good time because she didn't pepper-spray him or call the police. Instead, she posed for nude test shots for the president of Voluptuous to peruse and determine if she had the right stuff for V-Mag. "She's from the interior of Paraguay, which is a very conservative area," J.T. said a few days after Romina's…
Featuring: Romina Lopez
Date: August 14th, 2007
Duration: 20

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