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Roberta In The Bedroom

SCORELANDERS have already had their intro to Roberta Canyon in New Discoveries. In many ways, she's similar in background to Diane Poppos as that attractive horny housewife with much prized and jizzed-over big mogombos.

"When I go out, I usually don't wear a bra at all," teased Roberta, who was braless when she drove to the Voluptuous studio from her home in Tampa. "I'm not out to tease strangers on purpose. I just like to feel more comfortable and natural. I do love to wear slutty clothes and high heels, so I guess I'm a natural cocktease. When I want sex, I know how to get as much as I want. I need sex everyday, and I have to have it. If I can't get it, I'll masturbate several times a day. If I don't, I get very irritable. I like real He-man types, like firemen, soldiers and construction workers; sweaty, beefy men who are not afraid to get rough in bed and show me how strong they are. My needs are very simple. A good dinner and a great night of sex are really all I want in life.…
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