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December 2005 Score

SCORE: For those readers who didn't see it, you [Rebecca] were on Blind Date, a reality dating TV show in which two people who don't know each other are hooked up on a blind date. The cameras follow them around, and we see what happens. When were you on the show?
Rebecca: I was on Blind Date a little over a year ago. We had a great date. It was a perfect date. He was somebody I could bring home to Mom and Dad. They'd be proud. However, he told me he was a virgin, and I'm a porn star. Hello! You can't bring me home to Mom and Dad. Maybe to Dad, but not to Mom. We both were shocked when we found out about each other, but we had such a great date. He was like,"Let's do it off camera." Not have sex, but you know. He definitely wanted me to suck his cock.
SCORE: Did you?
Rebecca: No. He keeps calling me, on the phone though.
SCORE: So he didn't get an off-camera blow job?
Rebecca: No. I wanted to give him an off-camera blow job or at least…
Featuring: Rebecca Love
Duration: 40
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