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Mammary Lane

The reels of fortune spin away. Where they finally will stop, no one can say for sure. Some hit the jackpot. Others bust out. Fans of Rachel Rocketts will think it too premature to place these three pictorials of the Michigan-based Rachel in Mammary Lane. The fact is, we haven't seen or photographed the sultry, busty exotic since Boob Cruise 1998, nearly four years ago. In big-bust modeling, that's an eternity. In 1999, Rachel started a Stripper Gram service called Bunnies in the Detroit area. SCORE's Boob Beat columnist tried to interview Rachel about her new career move, but, aside from one preliminary phone call, he never connected with her again. After several months of trying, he ran out of coins. Her attempt at a website shortly ended (the URL ultimately picked up by someone in Canada) and her mailing address closed down. Whatever the events, we hope that life is paying off for the five-time SCORE Magazine model. The look-alike brunette with Rachel is Angel Eyes. The blonde is…
Featuring: Rachel Rocketts
Duration: 60
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