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Busty Bikini Bath Babe

"Hobby-wise, I'm a big animal lover," Rachael C. said. "I have a little dog of my own, called Thor. He's a little Pomeranian puppy. Very small. It's that little-man dog syndrome with him. They think they're big when they're tiny! It's appropriate. He thinks he's a big guy. He's with my mom when I travel. I travel a lot so she takes care of him but I love him."

Rachael grew up in Newcastle. She spends a lot of time in London these days. Rachael thinks her breasts are still growing.

"I was one of the bustiest girls in my neighborhood growing up, definitely, if not the bustiest, but I didn't start to develop until I was 14 or 15, so you could say I was a late developer. I caught up! Sometimes I have to go to a special bra shop, but most of the time, I will just squeeze into something off the rack, even if it doesn't fit exactly. It's so much cheaper! And I always get push-up bras, not that I need them."

Rachael has a bikini body, so even though the closest body of water was a bath…
Featuring: Rachael C.
Date: December 2nd, 2018
Duration: 100

Member Comments

2 weeks ago 
Is she coming back? PLEASE tell me she's coming back! I love her so much. Her voice, tits, eyes, ass, body. Mhhh fuck she's amazing.
3 months ago 
Incredibly sexy woman.
3 months ago 
Omg..she's so fine!..Gonna have a good time with this set and vid..
3 months ago 
No doubt about it, Rachael is absolutely beautiful, but I hope we wont have to wait very long before we see her sucking big cocks, getting her pussy pounded by big dicks and her pretty face splattered with semen!! I can�t wait!!!....
3 months ago 
Rachael is drop dead gorgeous!

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