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October 2005 Voluptuous

V-Mag: What type of foreplay do you like from a man?
Princess: I like him to cuddle and kiss, then work his way down to my breasts.
V-Mag: Do you like assertive men?
Princess: Only a little bit. I don't like a bully in bed.
V-Mag: When a guy tells you what to do in bed, do you follow his directions or
Princess: It depends what he wants, if it sounds like fun it would be okay but I like to have my own choices.
V-Mag: Do you like to use toys? What kind do you own?
Princess: I really don't care for toys. They are too cold and hard.

"Senorita Princess" is a house dancer at Stevi Secrets Cabaret, 3420 South Central, Phoenix, Arizona, USA (602) 305-8365.
Featuring: Princess
Duration: 40
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