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New Discovery

When did you start dressing to show off your breasts?
Princess: I guess when I was about 19 and didn't have my parents to tell me what I could wear.
How long does it take a guy to ask you questions about your breasts?
Princess: They ask all the time. How long it takes him to ask tells how much he is about me and not just my boobs.
How old were you when your breasts began to grow big?
Princess: About 13.
Did your breasts attract the attention of male teachers?
Princess: Yes.
Did your classmates treat you any differently because of your breasts?
Princess: A lot of the girls were jealous and the boys? Well, you know what boys are like.
Do you treat your breasts in any special way?
Princess: I like having cream massaged into my breasts at night to relax but it's better when someone else does it.
What position do you sleep in?
Princess: I like to sleep on my right side.
What's the most sensitive part of your breasts?
Princess: My nipples, the more excited I get the more they tighten…
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