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Princess And Her Red Vibrator

Now we need some more advice. "Princess" (Sara's the name.) is 4'9" tall, 90 pounds, 38-24-34 and wears a 32E bra. The piercings and tats, you've already noticed, eh? Analyzing all this data results in a somewhat unusual looking girl. She's a nude lap dancer at Déjà Vu in - holy shit - San Diego, California, again. That means she organ grinds the dripping boners of horny Deja Vu club goers until every fucking penny is transferred from their wallet to wherever nude chicks keep their earnings. Hey, it beats working in a factory for 7 bucks an hours. Plus sitting on a fat wallet full of money is very bad for the fifth cervical vertebrae. Sitting on a thin wallet is much better for your spinal cord. Tim Hammill, our west coast V photographer says, "A lot of girls are slow to start, but Sara flew right out of the gate. She's got a great personality and she was very confident in front of the camera." Tim says Sara will do triple X if she can give her boyfriend the fuckie-fuck honors.…
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She's Gorgeous!
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