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Maid For Double Penetration

Kristof is curious about Steve's maid when he visits his bro's swanky bachelor pad. The slim, busty brunette wears the skimpiest two piece maid's costume ever designed. He can't help but notice that she also has a ponytail. Not on her head. Coming out of her tailpipe. This maid is a pony girl also.

Steve is proud of his maid and enjoys showing her off. He also enjoys sharing her body with his closest friends, something Kristof hasn't had the pleasure of enjoying, until now. Kristoff is fixated on Patty's ponytail. Steve turns Patty around and slowly pulls on the black ponytail until it and the butt plug it's attached to come out of her asshole. Then Steve has Patty taste and lick it, enjoying the sight of her tasting her own ass.

Steve's demonstration is far from over. Kristof should sample the pleasures of his big-titted servant so it's tag-team time for this trio. Patty deep-throats Kristof hands-free while Steve licks her pussy and ass to prepare it for his cock. While Patty is…
Date: June 30th, 2017
Duration: 125

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