A Breasted Development

A Breasted Development

Paola Rios rubs cream on her breasts every night. It was her mother's secret and now Paola carries on the tradition. She won't reveal the name of the cream because it's a family secret.

"I feel more relaxed when I use my cream," says Paola.

Paola likes to sleep bare. No pajamas, big T-shirts, sweats or nighties.

"I like to feel my skin," Paola said. "I enjoy sleeping naked. I feel free." Paola sleeps belly down, and sometimes she wears a bra to bed.

Paola doesn't have one favorite brand of bra. She buys bras that hook in the back, not the front loaders. She likes to wear pink and white bras.

Paola is annoyed by a guy who goes "boom-boom" in bed and falls asleep right after he blows a load. That kind of guy has no shot at being Paola's steady.
Featuring: Paola Rios
Date: July 3rd, 2018
Duration: 55

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