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Chesty Chica Part 2

In Part 2 of Chesty Chica, SCORE staffer Karla asks Paola Rios the secret of her beautiful skin. Paola is happy to tell her that she rubs cream on her body every day. Talking about it reminds Paola that it's time to lotion up. She won't reveal the name of the cream because it's a family secret but she'll gladly smear the stuff all over her tits and the rest of her sexy body while our camera rolls. Paola reaches into a cabinet, pulling out a wad of white glop. "I feel more relaxed when I use my cream," Paola tells Karla. That's also what guys say to Paola when they want to share their own cream with her.

When did Paola's boobs begin to grow big? "I was 12," Paola revealed. "I was young. I liked it when my breasts started to grow and didn't stop growing. I really enjoyed that. Because I am thin, my breasts stand out more. I like the attention they get me.

"It takes a guy one second after seeing me to ask me questions about my breasts. I have never been to America but I think…
Featuring: Paola Rios
Date: November 12th, 2014
Duration: 52
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