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Nilli Legends Of The Past

An Israeli who emigrated to the United Kingdom and found her way to the John Graham studios. Nilli's career was brief -­ isn't that often the case with legends? She had an incredible body, very buxom yet slim, with a dark complexion. Nilli was one of the first of the Britain-based late-80' s busters to display her intensely powerful sexuality in stills and videos, including hardcore. What's different about Nilli is that many times, especially in a printed magazine, the viewer's eyes are directed away from her tits to her relentless, wide-eyed stare. She didn't just gaze at the camera. Her eyes had the power to make the reader feel as if she were staring directly at him and saying "I want to fuck!" This latent, genuine talent is rare to find in a model and Nilli had it in bountiful quanities.
Featuring: Nilli Willis
Duration: 20
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