SCORE Archive: Paradise Found

SCORE Archive: Paradise Found

It was a picture-perfect day at the beach for Nikki Jaye. A few puffy clouds, nothing to worry about. Nikki was outstanding in her retro-looking bikini. She has the curves and the big tits for a bikini filling. Nikki had enough daring and boldness to stick a beach buzzer in her pink pussy right there on the beach blanket. That capped off the afternoon and our photographer returned with a look of satisfaction.

"I love masturbating," Nikki said. "I do it at least once a day. I have a strong preference for using my Hitachi Magic Wand. That is the greatest vibrator ever invented. I can cum in under three minutes with it and it's great for relieving tension."

An exotic dancer, Nikki lives in less tropical climes, Massachusetts. Her hobbies tend to be indoor oriented. She likes shopping, reading, writing, watching TV, masturbating, cheering on the Red Sox and playing video games.

We asked her about the first time she had sex...because we like to learn what makes models tick and we're too nervous to approach total strangers and ask them.

"It was with my first love. He was also a virgin. He was really hung and it hurt a lot. We did it outside in the woods. It didn't last long. I'd love to repeat that experience now that I'm older."

The funniest pick-up line she ever heard?

"Nice shoes, wanna fuck? It actually worked."
Featuring: Nikki Jaye
Date: June 13th, 2023
Photos: 41

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1 year ago 

This is just what the doctor prescribed, an black busty hottie appearing nude and lewd on a sun soaked blanc sandy beach, la belle noir epoque, I wish all alluring afro American girls could be like naughty nikki, id love to rub sun tan coconut oil all over her shining sensual ebony skin, then give her a long slow satisfying fuck until she erupts in a of barrage of expletives and finally reaches her climax, that would be an experience.

This woman is so beautiful the very example of African Queen, Black is beautiful, once you go black.....all that

she is so hot !!

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