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England's Superstar

Nicole Peters has already caused a sensation in some sectors of the big-boob-loving community, which is really a small group in the big picture of life. Some are speaking about her along the same lines as the great supernaturals, such as Linsey, Lorna, Kerry, Jessica and Chloe. Only time will tell.

Nicole is extremely shy and doesn't seem to want to make modeling a profession, as they have done. Nicole's modeling has taken place in our London studio, and on location in Spain, where one of our American SCORE photographers, Pablo, teamed up with our British team to shoot the DVD On Location Costa Del Sol.

How'd SCORE find her? During our never-ending big-boob hunt, we met a photographer who specialized in Goth and fetish models. He took some photos of Nicole but she didn't really fit into his needs. Yes, there are those who don't care about extra-large tits, believe it or not. It took a while, and then Nicole went to London to SCORE, where she dropped her bra to…
Featuring: Nicole Peters
Duration: 30

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2 years ago 
Knew from the start that she would become a legendary.
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