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Natasha On The Bed

From Russia with lungs, our SCORE team found Natasha in the city of Kiev in the Ukraine, where she goes to school and waits tables for a living. Just 18 year-old (born January 12, 1983), Natasha measures 40-28-34, very healthy numbers indeed. As for the rest of her, she stands 5'4" and weighs 128 pounds, a healthy portion of that weight distributed in her boobs. Natasha jumped at the chance for a men's magazine modeling shoot. Life in Kiev is not easy for this sweet faced, pretty young girl. She didn't know gotz about posing for our horny camera, but through a translator, and our own body language signals, we were able to capture Voluptuous-style photographs. Natasha was pretty impressed with their Popeye-like forearms (right arm only), but they declined to tell her how a guy achieves that kind of limbic development. We have the feeling she guessed anyway since she giggled a lot.
Featuring: Natasha
Duration: 20
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