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Nadia With Her Pink Vibrator

Since her June 2001 V-Mag debut, Nadia has changed her looks, returning this month with the look you all saw in the August 2001 issue of SCORE. Yup, Nadia tired of her blonde tresses and decided that a change was in order for her latest London shoot-out. We know from the ol' mailbag that those knockers are enough to get V-Men around the world standing at attention and ready to give her the one-handed salute with whatever brand of 'facial tissues' they use over in Romania. ("Kleen 'N Jerk?") Before Nadia darted out the door, we asked what those former Communist guys are like back home. "Some of the guys in school already have pictures of me up on their walls," she told us in haltingly, but charming English. "They can't wait to see more of my pictures printed. I don't just sleep around, so a lot of the guys that ask me out are only going to get that close seeing my pictures. But, with nice guys, I like to go out and have fun with them, and come back to the dormitory and sometimes have…
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