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Nadia As A Blonde

First look at a Budapest bra filler, who is making her ultra-sexy Voluptuous debut at 21 years-old, and she aims to stiffen your wood. We don't know any Romanian whatsoever, but in the course of getting Nadia to show her really beautiful top-shelf and the rest of her soft goodies, the Romanian phrase: La sati vad titele came in handy (Let me see your tits.) We also learned that lindic means clitoris in Romanian. Who says we are uneducated slobs at Voluptuous? Born September 10th, 1979, Nadia is 5'2" tall, weighs 127 pounds, measures 38-26-34. The American equivalent of her brassiere is 32E. There isn't a single flaw, that we can find anyway, with this chick. Her legs are just a little thin, but that's about it. Her skin is perfect. The armband tattoo indicates the personality of a follower not a leader. At least that's what a tattoo expert told us a while back. We jagged off so much over Nadia's pictures that the compulsion to see more of her has resulted in a pictorial of Nadia going…
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2 months ago 
Does anyone know who this is and how to find more stuff from her?
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