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Factory Girl

Now what's a girl like Morgan doing in a dank, gloomy industrial warehouse seemingly bound to a pallet? Don't forget, we're talking about a hottie with a degree in Food Science who managed technical systems in food manufacturing and developed new products for her company before she caught modeling fever. For starters, Morgan's showing off that great body in tiny shorts and see-through mesh top. If you're a boot man, this one's for you also. Morgan calls her breasts her "line crashers." "My boobs are so big, I can knock people aside," explains Morgan. Who's gonna complain? They should consider themselves lucky. What do boob-lovers say about Miss Leigh? "I love her British accent. She is so hot." "Just because a model doesn't do hardcore doesn't mean she can't be the hottest girl. She is #1." "She's awesome! That's all I got to say about Morgan Leigh." "Morgan's a BBB. Best British Boobs." "Of all the girls I have masturbated the most thinking about, it's Morgan Leigh by a mile." "And…
Featuring: Morgan Leigh
Date: July 4th, 2009
Duration: 59
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