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December 2005 Score

With her sleek, bronzed body, bikini-lines and mega-boobs, Minka looks like a Duncan Gutteridge or Otis Sweat painting. This pictorial is a first for Scoreland, presenting Minka as a dominatrix. Minka's newsletter on her website covers her recent trip to Rome. The reaction she caused is not surprising. "I was wearing a low cut top for dinner as I sometimes do, with about nine inches of cleavage showing, and on the way out after dinner everyone stopped eating and talking when I got up to leave and stared with their mouths open as I walked past the other tables. As I walked down the stairs, the piano player and the violinist were so stunned that they stopped playing and looked. The people at the bar got quiet and stared." Even Nero would have stopped fiddling and started jacking if he saw Minka.
Featuring: Minka
Duration: 60
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