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Beautiful Girls of the World: Milly Marks

When we first met Milly Marks, she lived in a house of girls, and not just girls who work 9-to-5 in an office. They're exotic dancers. Sounds like a movie, doesn't it? As you can imagine, a house like that has a very sexual vibe. That's cool since Milly is a very sexual girl.

SCORELAND: Is anyone ever wearing clothes in the house?

Milly: I never am and one of my roommates definitely isn't. The other girls are usually just in lingerie, but the two of us are always naked. We also had one guy live there, and he was a boyfriend, but the girlfriend is really cool and didn't mind if I walked around naked. And he's one of my good friends.

SCORELAND: Let's talk bras. Do you like front-hooked or back hooked bras?

Milly: I think front-hooking makes for better cleavage but I can't find a front-hooking bra that actually fits my boobs.

SCORELAND: We imagine a front-hooking bra would give way under the pressure. Do you wear different bras for different…
Featuring: Milly Marks
Date: August 20th, 2017
Duration: 50

Member Comments

1 year ago 
The most beautiful Girl in the world
1 year ago 
blows my mind every time i see her!
1 year ago 
1 year ago 
The living arrangement Milly describes would be an absolute DREAM, especially with her being one of the nude ones!

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