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We envy these bra delivery men. They lead such interesting lives. This courier hits the freakin' jackpot when he delivers a box of bras to mega-popular SCORELAND Girl Milly Marks. Guys would kill to be in his position. Milly does more than sign for her delivery. She invites him in to watch her model her new purchases and then teaches him a few things about horny girls that fry his wiener.

SCORELAND: As a girlfriend, you are a...

MILLY: Definitely a 10, but I've barely had the chance to be a girlfriend. It doesn't happen a lot.

SCORELAND: Why are you a 10?

MILLY: I'm always horny. I'm always willing to help people out. I'm always there for someone sexually and in any other kind of way.

SCORELAND: On a scale of one to 10, your tits are a...

MILLY: Eleven.

SCORELAND: Your ass is a...

MILLY: You can be the judge of my ass. I'm not crazy about my ass. I think my boobs are my best feature.

SCORELAND: On a scale…
Featuring: Milly Marks and Patrick Delphia
Date: April 14th, 2017
Duration: 72

Member Comments

1 year ago 
my god! she is amzing
1 year ago 
Milly is so sexy that I can definitely get off just by looking at those first 9 pics! Love that shirt and the tight jeans....
1 year ago 
Another amazing set from Milly!!! Love that she took a facial here and the dude sprayed her from eyes to chin. Well done! Looking forward to more Milly!
1 year ago 
Beautiful face, eyes and lips. And agreed your direct eye contact gives us the feeling of being there. You say your a 10 as a girlfriend, no so much for me. I need to see you in peep toes hi heels with preferably right polish. That will take me from hard to harder, have mercy.
1 year ago 
I like her eye contact with the lens in this set. Very hot!
1 year ago 
Milly has the perfect body that I love. She's wonderful in this scene, as always :)
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