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Voluptuous July 2007

Mich was introduced previously in SCORE Studio. She's a Brit and this is her first magazine. Maybe it will lead to other things for her. Like our members and readers recognizing her on the tube (the London subway system). "I'm always being asked questions about my boobs," says Mich, who's not sure if she will make a career of posing or is just trying it out. "I actually don't mind at all. I feel lucky to have these babies. I mean. a girlfriend said to me, 'Mich, you're so lucky. I had to buy a boobjob and you've still got more than me.' I didn't tell her yet I did this. So I do feel very good about them and I like the attention. Whatever assets I have, I include my boobs among them."
Featuring: Mich
Date: July 3rd, 2007
Duration: 40
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