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Rising Starr

Mia Starr gets tons of compliments wherever she goes. It would be shocking if she didn't because she's a knockout. How does a guy attract her attention with all those distractions? Easy! Use reverse psychology. If you study chicks' playbooks (Cosmopolitan is a good example), it's all there. They don't want a guy to fawn all over them, like we do. Instead, get her to talk about herself, a subject girls never get tired of. Mia herself says "Don't compliment me on my boobs and body. Try something different. The worst things that guys have said to me were 'You look like my ex-girlfriend' or ask me, 'How old are you?' I like confidence but not cocky." Her perfect evening is "enjoying a nice dinner and a bottle of wine overlooking the ocean...followed by a massage." Her sex personality is "Very, very passive. I need someone to dominate me!"
Featuring: Mia Starr
Date: July 3rd, 2008
Duration: 70
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