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Hooter Hotel

In this tight economy, modeling doesn't always cover the bills and whatnot so Melissa Mandlikova will occasionally take a part-time job as a bellhop at Hooter Hotel. The problem is, as soon as Melissa drags the guest's suitcase to his room, she can't help herself and starts taking off her uniform. It's automatic, like muscle memory.

Then Melissa lays back on the guest's bed and starts rubbing her clit and spreading her lips open, telling the guest to examine her pussy. You just can't take the model out of the girl sometimes and the management does nothing to stop Melissa from putting on these bare-ass private shows. In fact, they like it because the guests go home and tell their friends.

Something else that's hard to figure out is where Melissa keeps that toy. Her tiny uniform doesn't have any place to hide it. She can't hide it under her bellhop's cap. Melissa's mum. Well, every country has its hidden traditions.

Just remember one thing. What happens at Hooter Hotel stays at…
Featuring: Melissa Mandlikova
Date: June 16th, 2015
Duration: 45
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