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Holiday 2003 Score

"I was a D cup in junior high school, " says Melanie Addison, making her third, very welcome appearance in SCORE as the year wraps up. Melanie debuted in January '03 so it seems only right and proper that she's back in the last issue of the year. "It's really rough when you're young because guys just don't know how hard the comments and teasing are on a teenage girl. There are plenty of guys back home that will be begging for my forgiveness for the rest of their adult lives if they ever see these pictures." Besides begging, they'll be jackin'. Once again, another victim of boob prejudice surfaces. Will it never end? Please help to stop this vicious cycle. Treat all big boobed girls with respect and admiration, and maybe they'll be good to you.
Featuring: Melanie Addison
Duration: 75

Member Comments

3 years ago 
Melanie had quite a run in 2003, and it's easy to see why. Wow, is she a beautiful woman!
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