Busty Supervixen

Another busty model who met Maserati at the SCORE studio a couple of years ago said, "I remember the first time I came and I saw Maserati there, and she was doing special projects and autographing stuff and I knew then that was what I wanted to do." So Maserati is also an inspiration to other girls.

When Maserati debuted, K.S. wrote "Maserati is a sensational find. One of the hottest-- if not the hottest--woman The SCORE Group has ever featured. As soon as I saw her debut photos, I dropped my pants and stroked out a fat load for her and, as someone who's barely missed an issue of SCORE or V-Mag in 14 years, I can tell you that's a rarity. Those torpedo-shaped tits capped with thick, rubbery teats that could take a man's eye out and the rest of her ain't bad either! She's an absolutely jaw-dropping, load-blowing phenomenon."

A reader named Brad commented, "It seems weird, but as much as I love seeing Maserati fuck, I'd love to see her in solo scenes.…

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Featuring: Maserati
Date: September 19th, 2022
Photos: 100

Member Comments

Maserati is an inspiration, and complements to the photographer, excellent set and composition. !
This shoot is so aptly titled and this model is unreal. So fucking gorgeous it's pretty unthinkable. Her professionalism in full shoots is amazing. She is just ridiculously pretty and would make any mortal man approach near heart attack...she's building a portfolio that is setting her in a unique league of ultra hotties with a very broad range of work...my favorite. 8-12 are so alluring and 47-55 are the evolution of my favorite poses...it's like a roll of all the best type shots at that point in the shoot...a must love are 49, 50 and 51...all my choices are arguable...the setting of the shoot is a complement to this mega hottie in its understatement...fucking awesome...a super honey for the ages approaching legend status.
Absolutely LOVE Maserati! She has incredible thick, full, hanging breasts, but what I really love is her soft, silky, smooth skin! WOW! I could probably cum just from caressing her soft body all over.
Quite possibly the best photo shoot in the history of the Score group. And I have seen them all since day one. Speechless.
What a beauty!
I had to down load these pics, have to go now so I can unload.
Maserati, you're my Wonder Woman!
Yes! Maserati is a force of super-nature as you well said! But everybody talks about her super massive jugs that sometimes we forget that she's got a damn juicy big ass as well... TOO MUCH JUNK IN THAT TRUNK, MY GOSH! And in this photoset we can appreciate that, my favorite pics of Maserati's big rump are 11, 31 and in pic 55 I love the way she is spreading her butt-cheeks with her hands like saying: Shove your tongue up my asshole! Who could refuse that order?
Thank you so much for this photo set and more for the new 3000 pixels option, it is great to see Maserati's mams and caboose in super high quality, and by the way, this is one of the best Maserati's photosets you have ever published at Scoreland, she looks so fucking hot in tiny bikinis, but I had wished a frontal photo of her showing the complete bikini like in the first pic (without that white skirt showing that sexy orange thong and the top on), but still it is the best Maserati's pictorial so far. lml
I'm feeling a slight stiffness coming on....
She is incredible, a wonderful woman !

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