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May 2003 Voluptuous

Marvelous, a 4'11" newcomer from Los Angeles, California says, "My fantasy is to get my pussy sucked on the hood of a car with some black cherry ice cream. He's eating the ice cream, of course." Sounds like a foo-foo episode from Red Shoe Diaries. Must be a chick thing. What's wrong with 20 minutes on the mattress and then share the ice cream in front of the telly? "Once I fucked out back of a laundromat on top of a toolshed," she said. "And I've done it on the beach listening to Alicia Keys." Alicia Keys? No, we found them. "The first thing I look at is a guy's face," Marvelous said. "Then I look at his dick to determine its size. If both are good, he could be in." We love directness in a woman. That's why Marvelous is marvelous.
Featuring: Marvelous
Duration: 30
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