The #1 Male Fantasy: Victoria Vale & Mariza Rabbit

The #1 Male Fantasy: Victoria Vale & Mariza Rabbit

Joey's been waiting for super-hotties Mariza Rabbit and Victoria Vale, sex-bombs boasting giant tits beyond belief. Victoria and Mariza finally arrive, dressed to kill and ready to show what the #1 male fantasy in the world is all about! Joey immediately steers them to the bed. They're more than a handful and he's the guy to handle them.

SCORELAND: This question is for both Victoria and Mariza. Was this your first pro girl-girl as well as your first pro threesome with a guy?

Victoria Vale: It was actually my second pro girl-girl, but my first girl-girl-boy threesome!

Mariza Rabbit: My first pro shoot, yes, but I've had many threesomes both girl-girl-boy and boy-boy-girl.

SCORELAND: Victoria, had you ever done a threesome with a guy and a girl before, but not on-camera?

Victoria Vale: I have done a few threesomes off-camera but none as hot as this scene!

SCORELAND: Any comments about your threesome for the readers?

Victoria Vale: This scene is a must-see for all boob-loving SCORE readers! Our chemistry together was insane and made for some incredibly hot sex!

Mariza Rabbit: Threesomes are super fun and make me cum harder because there are multiple people involved and everyone is trying to make each other cum!

SCORELAND: Mariza, was there anything that Victoria and Joey did to you that made you cum super-hard?

Mariza Rabbit: I came extra-hard while Joey was fucking me and Victoria was sucking on my tits. Between the penetration and nipple sensitivity, I thought I was going to faint because it was so good!

SCORELAND: Ladies, thanks for coming and making this a bust-out to remember and watch over and over.
Featuring: Mariza Rabbit and Victoria Vale
Date: April 19th, 2024
Photos: 209

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Member Comments

3 weeks ago 

Not only a number one male fantasy but it's also sexual paradise to devoted voyeurs like myself, if you continue in delivering exceptionally erotic photo shoots like this one, all I can say is that I am going to have to commit myself to a lifelong membership subscription to this site that keeps on producing the highest level of big boobed girl photographic porn anywhere in the world.

3 weeks ago 

Deeply delightful debauchery at its very best, young XL boobed sized Mariza joins together with the very voluptuous milf Victoria Vale with those mouthwatering massive melons for an extremely erotic and thrilling threesome with lucky stud joey, the two gorgeous girls connect sexually with each other instantly, I am hoping you can bring them back for an exclusively sizzling sapphic rematch with even more tongue swapping between them, thank you ladies and to Joey.

4 weeks ago 

This is absolutely the fantastic dream for every score member ! Picture 204 made me cum alone !

4 weeks ago 

the ultimate dream come through.

4 weeks ago 

The name of this set says it all! Joey got to fulfil this fantasy and is now the envy of boob lovers all over the world! Heck, I wouldn't be shocked if other male porn stars are jealous of him. Mariza and Victoria are just a match made in big breast heaven!!

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