Tits Out for the Boys

Marie Leone has a super super-natural body. Yes, two supers. Marie began sprouting her twin mountains when she hit 14.

"Before that, I was extremely flat-chested and skinny. In school, I had bigger boobs than any teacher. Being a model is the most-fun job I've ever had. I'm glad I applied to SCORE."

Marie's special talents.

"Don't laugh but I can juggle while hopping on one leg, while trying to dance and whistle or sing, all at the same time. I know, embarrassing, isn't it?"

Do you masturbate at home?

"I mostly masturbate during anal or when I am just bored and really, really horny and the only thing I've got is my hand, so why not just use it?"

What is your favorite position for tit-fucking and why?

"I like it when a guy is on-top fucking my tits because it makes it easier for him to either cum on my face or tits. Or, if he is not ready to cum, he can easily just move back a little and fuck my pussy instead."

Do you watch adult movies besides yours?

"I watch porn other than my own. Mostly gangbangs and threesomes.

Have any busty models been an inspiration or good friend to you?

"There are a lot of busty and non-busty models who I think are just wonderful."

Have you ever tried or thought of dancing in a strip club?

"I've never danced at strip clubs since I'm really not a great dancer. But I do like going to strip clubs with my husband and watching the ladies dance."
Featuring: Marie Leone
Date: November 21st, 2022
Photos: 109

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Member Comments

7 months ago 

Did Marie grow a cup size since she first came to Scoreland? It appears so. She's perfect the way she is, but I won't complain if she moves up one more bra size.

9 months ago 

Wonderful colourful set of photos showing the petite, curvy and busty chocolate skinned Marie, exhibiting her amazing assets for the camera, I gather she is a Sagittarius the sign connected with dogs, foxes, horses, travel, and parties, explaining her enthusiasm for swinging and being invited to many wild sex parties at her club, archer girls usually have hot juicy cunts that enjoy fucking numerous strongly sexed studs, her big boobs and lovely tight pussy will be in much demand by guys and girls alike, and imagine that Marie would be in absolute sexual heaven taking part in l both orgies and gangbangs, perhaps fantasy can now become reality for her, as she is one lucky lady.

like others have said, this lady is so freakin hot it's silly...she has a gorgeous look all around. This shoot has wardrobe that highlight her gorgeousness...what a fuckin' fox...to see her is to be instantly turned on, thanks babe.

This girl is AMAZING. Best girl since Aileen Ghettman
More More More Please!

I am in love with this girl, I just want to wrap her up and take her home to mom. She's a keeper.

when do we get to see her getting it from a Score stud

I wanna shake them up!Ahhhhhhh...

Guys, this is pretty much the perfect set

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Kaytee Carter is an outstanding New Discovery! Her creamy, natural breasts are spectacular. Those blue-green eyes looking over those melons are the perfect introduction to the Scoreland audience. Well done!


Impressive - not every chick Gigi Sweets' size can self-suck her own nipples. But self-sucking while she's getting banged is a whole 'nother level! Way to go, ScoreLand!


Im new to scoreland and this chick makes it well worth it! She is fucking smoking hot!!!! Where do you find these models! Gorgeous!!!!!!


This is why I love Scoreland!! Terri Jane is fantastic. Those pendulous, vein engorged, orbs of love are spectacular! Where do you find these women?


Always amazing to see some ebony godesses like her at Scoreland.


One of the best cast and scene I’ve ever seen on scoreland, bravo!!


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